Finally Available - A PHP Script to CREATE an Entire Website Monetized WITH The Latest News From Multiple Topics

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.
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After months of using this news aggregator (gatherer) script myself, I’m finally releasing it to the public so you can place it on your own website getting the same benefits from having breaking on-topic news on your website WITH monetized ways to make money from your website passively NOT working from home.

Why Put On Topic Breaking News On Your Website?

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Ninety-two percent of consumers will visit a brand’s website for the first time for reasons other than making a purchase, according to a study released today by Episerver, a global provider of a single platform to smartly manage digital content, commerce and marketing in the cloud.

Therefore you place on topic breaking news on your website to create stickiness! That means people keep going back to your website. Everytime they go back to your website, they see your ads, products and services. I’ve personally had my automated on topic news shared with others giving me even more traffic to my webistes.

What Does Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script Do For You

Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script looks for the latest news from your chosen topics and feeds, including Google News. It utilizes RSS feeds which have been the standard for years for “Real Simple Syndication”. Almost all websites have an RSS feed.

Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script takes full advantage of them for automatic content and a passive income.

What Are The Features of Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script?

  • The ability to support multiple news feeds on multiple topics
  • Four built-in spots for monetization so you can make money online passively from your website.
  • Automatic script run every time a visitor comes to your website
  • Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script doesn’t just show the news on one webpage, it generates a webpage for each news release!
  • If the feed has the entire story the title doesn’t link to the original article so people will stay on your webpage to read it.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) automated. Because a new webpage is generated for each news story, your website slowly builds up content over time until it gets noticed by search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • Set it and leave it! Go to work, or run your other business. Let Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script build your website and additional passive income for you!
  • A spot to add social media buttons. I recommend using the free AddThis service.
  • Google search box and Twitter search box built into the program for when Google begins spidering your news content.

Rick, this sounds just like what a busy person like me needs. Do you have any examples of your news script?

Here’s the index page for my Education News Script

How to speed up your slow computer

Christian Business News

Notice you can add your own website feed to your news feed as I did in some of these examples of Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script.

Did you notice the split title and link after the ||?

THAT is your third place to monetize or link to your main webpage! You can add your main offer or link back to your index page for better search engine ranking.

There are 4 Places to Monetize The News to Make Money Online Passively NOT Working from Home

A scrolling marquee with a cyan background. If you know HTML you can place anything you like in there or just go by the example in the script

A stay-on-top advertising offer that’s part of the RSS feed generated by Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script. Using a little code social media does not consider it a repeat post. I recommend using This social media service to auto-post to Twitter

I also use feeds from my own websites as part of the news feed since I designed it to accept multiple RSS feeds. The feeds from my own websites are monetized.

That’s just the index page monetization The actual news page generated by Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script contains…

Those same features plus…

See this example

A spot for social media buttons below the marquee. I recommend AddThis

A subscription offer to build your email list or social media following.

The title of the article has an addon that’s built into the script to help you with sales and SEO. You can add keywords and a link to your index page or main affiliate offer.

Below the title and description I use another program I wrote to list on topic offers. You can even just list a final offer using simple HTML code.

If you look at This website

You’ll see how I took advantage of the flexibility of Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script and added Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Okay Rick, my business will benefit from this automated news script. What does my website need to get started?

If your website doesn’t meet these requirements keep scrolling down I have a solution for you don’t worry….

Make sure your website hosting service supports PHP. This script will break on PHP 8 so use 7.4 or 7.6

You need someone with an intermediate knowledge of PHP scripts unless you hire me to install it for you.

file_get_contents should be turned on, but it usually is and has been with all but one horrible website hosting company I fired.

Websites that usually don’t support PHP are the free ones people just getting started sometimes use such as Wix. Groovefunnels, the up-and-coming popular all-in-one website and marketing system does not support PHP.

What surprised me

Were the shares and retweets from Twitter and other sites picking up Twitter. Even though Twitter stopped offering an RSS feed Twitter news has remained popular by embedding it on other sites. This has included many of my own automated news posts. Again I recommend using an automated social media posting system for your RSS feed Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script generates. Other sites pick up my news feeds as well.

Okay Rick. I’ve got all that. How do I get Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script?

Order Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script for $1195.00 while it's still at the introductory price

I want this!

4 Files and directions in a zip file

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